spinel shahzade

even if I am to become seafoam, know that my journey continues on its own...

Lady Seiji

How long can you run before you're found? A question Momoya wonders sometimes. But she is more than a runaway - she has made a name for herself in Eorzea, and is pleased to make that name well known. Momoya Seiji, at your service.

Momoya is a young lady, polite, prim and proper in her personality - but don't let that fool you. She can hold her will with those older and more powerful, as if she is used to consorting with those high in power. She studies hard and is learning bladework - perhaps you should not underestimate such a small form. She's not afraid to speak her mind, or to state what she needs. And gods forgive you if you mess with anyone she considers hers.

While she screams elegance, Momoya has an innocence about her that can only be described as "wonder". She is fascinated by the world around her and takes no end of pleasure in garnering new experiences. She travels between the different major city-states often, though she calls the Mist home, and is willing to try anything twice. Why twice? Once to experience, and once to know if she likes even knowing what's coming!

Eorzea is her oyster, and she's the pearl.

A Vassal?

Momoya has reunited with her lost manservant, Ryuunosuke Ryuketsu; she is very clingy to him after another loss. He seems to have relaxed as well, finally calling her 'Momoya' as they work to heal his lost arm. Perhaps you will see them about, looking for work for him?


Momoya works many odd jobs - she is a courtesan at a club every couple weeks, she practices mercenary swordsmanship. Lately there are rumors that the ladylike Auri might be the newest Pit Performer of the gladiators, the "Spinel Shahzade". None have confirmed it....but then, few have yet to ask it....

Aether Massage

A strange skill learned in her homeland, Momoya has shown she can interact with and manipulate the aether of others. This can be used to remove blockages, to heal injuries, to promote recoveries, and to aid in adjustment to new aether. Perhaps her services may be of use to you?

Jewel of the Sea

Momoya is very clearly of highborn status, though if you ask, she is simply a traveler. She has polished social skill, can speak Doman and an older dialect of Hingan, and a very strong sense of loyalty to the people. Wonder where such knowledge has come from?

Peaches or Rubies?

Momoya is often heard singing on the streets of Ul'dah for extra coin. She is beloved for her dainty primness and her songs in Doman. But if you are to understand these lyrics, they are not as pretty as many say they are. 'Momo' means 'peach' as her hair, and yet the Auri shines like a ruby in the Ul'dahn sun. What by Thal's graces is this woman singing of?

Gilded Scales

After the End of Days, Momoya was gone for a while....and when she returned, she had changed. Her once pristine white scales look as if they have been cracked apart and then filled in with sparkling gold - as if she is a pot repaired in the kintsugi style. What happened to this little princess?

Name: Momoya Seiji
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nicknames: Momo, Peach

Languages: Common, Doman, Old Hingan (Sui-No-Satan)
Personality: Proper / Friendly / Curious
Alignment: Neutral Good
Preferred Classes:
Tank - Paladin
Healer - Scholar
DPS - Summoner

THE WRITERAge: 30-ish
I will not play with anyone less than 18 years old!
Occupation: Healthcare Worker
RP: Short term, Long term, One-Shot
Relationship Status: TAKEN.
* Do NOT flirt with me OOC please.*

Momoya works at the Crimson Door, a bordello, and is open for courtesan services through her workplace. She offers many services and is open to private discussion of them. In general....


- Give doting attention
- Massage
- Bathe partners
- Gentle care
- Sensory Play
- Aftercare


- Forced Breathplay
- Permanent Harm
- Forced/Noncon Play

- Submissive preference, but will switch - As a top, she is a crooning, commanding princess- This is not a complete list. Please see F-list HERE for full comprehensive list!